Spinal Flow Weekend

SHIFT from the STRESS zone to the healing zone

A weekend to SHIFT your body and prepare it for healing.

I want you to know that it is possible to have your health and body back, feel amazing, enjoy more energy and clarity, and completely transform your life.  Healing happens when your body SHIFTS from the stressed zone into the healing zone.  This is what we do in this weekend.


The Spinal Flow Weekend is designed to jumpstart your transformational healing and mind-body reset.

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Decrease your pain, low-energy and poor health

My name is Dr. Carli Axford and I’m a qualified chiropractor, retreat facilitator, meditation leader, breath-work specialist and mother of two who facilitates workshops, retreats and seminars around the world. I owned and operated clinics in Melbourne and in Bali and have helped thousands of people with back pain, headaches, anxiety, stress, depression and healing.

I’ve also worked alongside Ian Gawler and the Gawler Institute to incorporate nutrition, meditation and holistic care for those diagnosed with chronic conditions. I work together with Tyler Tolman as a healer assisting clients heal from many chronic diseases and illnesses.

Spinal Flow philosophies have helped clients reduce or eliminate symptoms related to conditions such as:

  • Pain
  • Headaches
  • Stress
  • Low Energy
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Depression
  • Digestive Issues and more…
If you are ready to take time out to heal, feel and sleep better, as well as have more energy, then join me for the Spinal Flow Weekend so we can SHIFT your body into the healing zone!

Spinal Flow Weekend Details

  • Friday 2pm – 9pm,  Saturday and Sunday 8am – 8pm
  • 9 hours of the Spinal Flow Healing Technique
  • Gentle Detox
  • Equivalent to 6 months of intense healing
  • Understand Your Body
  • SHIFT to the Healing Zone
  • Have More Energy and Less Pain
  • Weekend Intensive Manual
  • Practical healing tools to do at home

*Flight tickets, accommodation, insurance, transportation not included.

The Power Of Healing Lies In The Spinal Flow Technique

I have developed a system called Spinal Flow Technique.  Based around the nervous system, it is a gentle and holistic approach to healing, yet powerful and fast in making you feel better, be out of pain, and have your body functioning optimally.

People report that after applying Spinal Flow Technique philosophy in their lives they feel more grounded and connected to their real Self, as well as to their hearts and their bodies’ intelligence.

During this weekend you will be able to use this unique technique and its power to SHIFT your body into the healing zone.

A Message from Dr. Carli Axford

“I can help you HEAL your body! You may be in pain, have headaches, stress and low energy now but if you don’t stop and address the cause of why it is happening in your body, it will continue to talk or scream at YOU.

There is a reason you are not feeling great and I would like to help you find what this is. Once we know what this is, not only can we correct this in our body, we can make sure it doesn’t come back. This is the key to long term healing – understanding the cause and helping you become your own DR so you can live an extraordinary LIFE!

I know without a doubt that I can help you heal, reset and become revitalized. The first step in the healing process is the weekend as it will SHIFT your body from the STRESS zone to the HEALING zone.  After this process, your body is the ready to HEAL and we can work together at the retreat to release the layers blocked in your body creating pain, disease or illness.  Its time to start your healing and the place to start is STEP 1 at the SPINAL FLOW WEEKEND!

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20th - 22nd March 2020

Gold Coast

17th - 19th Apr 2020


28th - 30th Aug 2020

Gold Coast

9th - 11th October 2020


— Veronique Ficheux, Holistic Coach

I am now in touch with my body again. My sleep is better, I wake up rested most mornings,  I have fewer migraines and have more energy.

Why wait another year suffering?

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— Bettina, Intuitive Healer

The Spinal Flow Teachings have given me the tools to tap into who I really am. I now have an ability to instantly connect to myself, others and ultimately to all that is.