I believe stress is the number one cause of pain, disease and illness in our bodies.

The amount of stress that we have in our lives is so, so much that our bodies just can’t process it or deal with it.

The idea is not to make our bodies wrong for showing pain and disease as our bodies are not dumb nor stupid.

What’s happening is there is too much stress in our lives and we need to reduce it if we are to begin healing our bodies and our lives.

So today, let’s explore what happens in the body when it is overloaded with stress, and how this stress can lead to disease and illness.

Let’s also look at how to begin reducing the stressors in our lives so that we can begin healing right now.

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The Three Types of Stress & How The Body Stores Stress

When I speak about stress, I speak about the three types of stress; physical stress, chemical stress and emotional stress.

And for most of us, these three types of stress are increasing.

The amount of stress in our lives is on the rise and our bodies simply cannot handle it. Our bodies don’t know how to process this.

What our bodies do with stress– if it can’t process it or can’t handle–is it stores it.

And when our body stores stress, what happens is it stores it as a form of a blockage.

It stores in layers in our bodies like an onion. We get layers and layers and layers of stress that become stored in our body and that becomes a blockage in our system.

And where stress stores is in our nervous system, is in one of the gateways of the spine.

When I feel this stress on a client’s spine, I can actually feel these three different types of stress in my hands.

When I feel physical stress, it feels like quite a hard boney blockage where a joint should normally move quite fluidly.

With chemical stress, it feels blocked too, but it feels like there’s a layer of marshmallows on top of the blockage.

And when I feel emotional stress, it feels like there’s blockage there, but it’s like there’s a ropey layer, too.  It feels like layers of an onion and rather than having these nice, beautiful movements in their nervous system, it just feels stuck and blocked.

If the body is feeling stuck and blocked, then the way that it communicates to you is through pain, disease or illness.

Our bodies are trying to say, “Hey, I’m overloaded. There’s too much stress in my body, therefore in my life. Can you help me?”

What our body is asking us to do when it’s in pain is to change something.

How to Begin Reducing Stress in Your Life Right Now

And so for you right now, when we look at stress, are there things that you can start to do to reduce or possibly eliminate it?

I ask my clients to write down three lists: a list of physical stress, chemical stress, and emotional stress you are experiencing right now, as well as how much stress you’ve had in the past.

And then when you’re looking at these lists, decide what is it that you can start to reduce or eliminate right now.

We must do this on a weekly basis because we’re accumulating stress in our bodies and in our lives.

So, what we need to do right now is do a bit of a stress audit: ask yourself, “What’s happening in my life now and what can I change?”

And that will help you begin to reduce and eliminate the excessive stress in your life.

Your body’s incredible, but it wasn’t designed to hold and store stress.

The fact that it’s talking to you or speaking to you with pain, disease, and illness is its way to say, “Hey, I need help!”

And the first step to start healing is doing that stress audit and seeing what’s happening in your body in this very moment.

I would love to help you with this.

Yours in health and healing,


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