“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” Eckhart Tolle

We can be so busy that sometimes we can forget about what really does work in our life!  Taking time each day to STOP, PAUSE and practice the art of being GRATEFUL will change the wiring of our brain and nervous systems with a focus on ‘what works’ .

Being grateful tends to lead to more happiness, health and well-being.

Being grateful can help you cope better with stress and allow your body to HEAL from various conditions and illnesses.

2 Steps to becoming GRATEFUL

Step 1

Each day write down a minimum of three great things that happened that day or are a part of your normal life. They can be anything you feel good about or are grateful for.

Even if you didn’t have a great day, try and find a few things that you can feel good about. Taking time to be grateful is not about ignoring the bad things – it about helping you focus your attention on the positive, rather than dwelling on the negative.

Each night when I sit down for dinner with my family, we go around the table and take turns sharing what our favourite part of the day was and what we are each grateful for.  It is something my kids love and that we look forward to each night.

Step 2

Who are you grateful to?

Think of three people who have been a positive influence in your life and that you feel grateful to.

They could be members of your family, your husband, kids, an old teacher, long-lost friend, colleague or someone else who has made a real difference in your life.

Write down on a piece of paper who these people are and why you are grateful to them.  Choose one of these people to write to and tell them how grateful you are; perhaps someone you’ve not thanked properly before.

Think about the impact this person had on you and write a letter to tell them:

What specifically are you grateful for?  How did they help you?  How did it help make you the person you are today?

Write from your heart centre and come from a place of feeling rather than thinking and doing.

Depending on how you feel, you may want to arrange to see this person and read it to them or you can email or post your letter or can also keep it for yourself.

Being grateful will re-train  your nervous system to focus on what is good rather than what doesn’t work in life.

I am excited to assist you on your self healing journey and suggest you try the above gratitude exercise for 21 days in a row and let me know what changes you notice.

Yours in health, healing and lots of daily gratitude

Dr. Carli

Carli Axford

Author Carli Axford

I’m a Healer, Chiropractor, Retreat Facilitator, Meditation Instructor as well as the Founder and Trainer of the Spinal Flow Certification Program.

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