HEALING requires balance to occur in our body, mind and heart.  These 3 centers must connect and flow so healing can occur.  We need to look at our lives and understand why our bodies are out of balance and disconnected.

According to the medical dictionary, ‘stress is the body’s normal response to anything that disturbs its natural physical, emotional, or mental balance.”

What is causing us so much stress and creating imbalance?

Work, the economy, global politics, deadlines, relationships can cause us emotional stress.

Chemical toxins, our foods, drugs, poisons and the environment can create chemical stress in our bodies.

Injuries, posture, falls, too much time at a computer all relate to physical stress in our bodies.

This stress is too much for our brains and thoughts to handle so we find a place in our bodies to store this so we can continue with life.

This stress changes our physiology, our heart rate starts to race, our breath becomes shallow, adrenalin surges and we shut off areas in our bodies to help protect ourselves.

Stress is something that cannot be avoided in this busy so its essential to have a strategy to avoid this being stored in our bodies and creating blockages.

Strategies should be simple and easy and available for you anytime to do.  My favorites are:

  • Gentle breath work
  • 4-6 technique
  • Meditation
  • Walk in nature
  • Massage
  • Listening to music

More details on the above can all be found for FREE on my website.

By developing a list of strategies you can keep your body in a constant HEALING environment.

With some practice you can become the master of your own body, mind and heart and it wont matter how much stress is around.   You will know how to deal with this so it will not affect your life or your body.

I would like to help you develop a list of strategies that feel easy for you and that you can do anytime to help your body remain healthy and in a HEALING state.

Yours in health and healing

Dr. Carli

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