Forgiveness is one of the keys to peace, health, happiness and self-healing. To accept that all people and circumstances are worthy of the power of forgiveness will set you FREE.

I am not asking you to think that a persons actions are fair and reasonable, I am just asking you to practice forgiveness for yourself so you can let go of any anger inside your body.

Anger that is stuck inside our bodies can contribute to many diseases and illnesses.  It is really important to feel this emotion, express it and let it be released from the body.

On my retreats and workshops we look into anger, sadness and many other emotions and investigate what is underneath it.  Anger often is the ‘bodyguard’ to ‘sadness’.  Underneath both of these is the part of you that always was, has never changed and will always be there – your true nature – LOVE!

Below are 7 steps to forgiveness

  1. Identify your Emotions, what is showing up in your body and mind?

What and How does this make you feel?

  1. Take responsibility:

Accept that this emotion is real and is part of you, it is not separate but an opportunity for healing.

  1. Accept the other person and let go:

Put yourself in their shoes, sometimes other peoples actions are due to them not really knowing any different, can be their past traumas, lack of love or not knowing.

  1. Forgive yourself:

Accept yourself exactly as you are. Know that you are whole and worthy of love.

  1. Have the desire to express forgiveness:

Imagine being face to face and telling them that they are forgiven, tell them in person, write a letter which can be sent or not sent, record a video, as long as it is coming out of you, it will be released from your body.

  1. Connect to your body

Find the place in your body that you have been holding this emotion in your body, put your hands on this area.  Feel it, accept it and know that it has been stored there for some time.  Accepting that inside our bodies are some parts that feel great and some parts that don’t, some parts we like and some parts that we don’t.  All these parts are not separate.

  1. Healing the body

Scan your body and find a part that feels great, nice and full of ease.  Bring your attention and put your hands on this area of your body.  Breathe into this area as it is easy and feels good.  Healing can be easy.  I want to help you teach your brain how to focus on what feels good in your body so it can focus on this and spread what feels great and make more of it.

Breathe into this area 10 times and then use 1 breathe into the area in step 6.  Then slowly breathe into area of ease 9 times and then area in step 6, 2 times.  Keep going until you are breathing equally into both areas and they feel the same.

This is an excellent technique to share what feels great in one area of the body to what doesn’t feel great until it all feels the same and we don’t know the difference.

Let me know how you go, practice and comment below to share your experiences.  The times when you feel there is nowhere in your body that feels good, I promise there will be somewhere – even if its the big toe or the tip of your nose.

Forgiveness is important in our healing process.  It is my experience that blockages and nerve interference are the result of stored emotions and traumas in the body.  By releasing this, the body can heal, become more flexible and function completely differently.  Thank you for taking the time to explore how you can heal yourself and live an extraordinary LIFE!

Yours in health, healing and forgiving others

Dr. Carli

Carli Axford

Author Carli Axford

I’m a Healer, Chiropractor, Retreat Facilitator, Meditation Instructor as well as the Founder and Trainer of the Spinal Flow Certification Program.

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