Repetitive bending and twisting movements create a tremendous amount of stress in the spine and pelvis.

This creates blockages in the Foundation Gateway, one of the 7 Spinal Gateways I refer to in my Spinal Flow Healing Technique. 

When you bend and twist, you can easily tear a tiny microfibre that connects the sacrum and ilium without even noticing.

With this tiny tear comes a little bit of inflammation. 

Repetitive Strain from Bending, Twisting and Lifting

In other words, when you repetitively do the same movement, you begin to tear more and more of these tiny microfibres, which then creates more and more inflammation. 

Therefore, the ligaments become inflamed and the muscles contract to hold you together and support your body weight and movement.

Similar to a sprained ankle, the sacroiliac joint becomes inflamed and you can’t put weight on it. At that point, it’s no longer able to do its primary role. 

What starts in one place, ends in another

For instance, to move and bear weight, the body must recruit other muscles and joints to compensate. But when the body engages other areas of the body to do what the sacroiliac joint was intended to do, it can create additional problems. 

So, for example, you might experience pain in an area other than where the initial inflammation was and then fall into the loop of chasing the pain and symptoms of one area that’s quite separate from where the original problem began. 

More often than not, when there is inflammation in the sacroiliac joint, it wasn’t as a result of a significant incident or injury.

It came from years and years of the same small repetitive movement that they didn’t even realise was hurting them. 

It may be in your daily life, or in sport. 

One day, you might be making the bed or picking up a tissue off the floor and, suddenly – your back gives out!

The last little microfibre goes twang and the body says “enough.” 

After that, the pain can be excruciating. 

The response in the body is for the muscles to contract to protect the joint and hold everything in place. 

The majority of people who come to my programs and retreats will have a blockage in the Foundation Gateway.

Without exception, I always see some form of back pain, groin pain or leg pain and it usually comes from inflammation that they weren’t even aware of when it started.

Because of this tiny build up over time. 

This is why it is very important to ensure that you bend, twist and support your body in the most optimal way.

When lifting anything, always use good technique. 

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