Many of us walk around each day with our heads bursting with thoughts, we are so busy thinking that our heads feel like they are going to explode.  Our thought gateway – Pause is overloaded.  Lets bring our energy and focus into our heart gateway – the centre.

Its time to start feeling  – this is done with our HEART gateway. I promise you that by connecting to your heart centre you will be more productive, happier and life will feel easier.

Many of us have stopped feeling!!

When I work with people and assess their nervous system, there is an area in the thoracic spine, which is the centre gateway that feels blocked or closed.   For optimal health and healing our whole body, through the 7 gateways need to be open, flowing and connected.

We have 7 gateways of the nervous system that can be found along the spine – all are important and all must communicate and work together for healing.

We cant ignore any of our gateways.  I will focus the rest of this article on a self-healing technique for our heart gateway.  This centre connects the physical gateways below and the emotional ones above..

Heart gateway – self healing

1, lie down comfortably on your back with your knees bend and feet on the floor

2, bring your attention and awareness to your heart area

3, rub your hands together to generate healing energy and place your hands on your heart

4, bring your breathe into the area under your hands

5, connect with this breathe, feel gratitude towards your heart for all that it does, think of someone that you appreciate and hold the feeling of appreciation and gratitude while you are heart breathing

6, stay here until you feel ease and softness under your hands.

Spending time each day bringing our breath and awareness into our heart gateway allows us to be in touch with our body.

We only get one body and it is my job to help you understand it, connect to it, fall in love with it again and provide you the tools you need to self-heal.

Congratulations on making this choice to understand more and experiment with some self healing techniques.

Yours in health, healing and connecting to your heart

Dr. Carli

Carli Axford

Author Carli Axford

I’m a Healer, Chiropractor, Retreat Facilitator, Meditation Instructor as well as the Founder and Trainer of the Spinal Flow Certification Program.

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