Most people right now are tired.

They’re exhausted and lack energy, and you can probably relate to this yourself.

So, I’d like to talk about why we are all so tired and how we can get our energy back now.  You can read through this blog or skip down to watch the video below.

The Real Reasons Why We Feel So Tired

I travel the world to speak and run my Spinal Flow Workshops and the first thing that I notice when I ask people what’s happening with them, is that they tell me they’re tired and don’t have energy.

This is clear to me when I look at their body and their posture, because I am an expert in the nervous system, I watch their nervous system, and look at people’s posture to see what’s flowing and what’s blocked.

So, when I see many people at my workshops and they say they’re tired, or they lack energy, I evaluate their posture. Most of the time, I can see that their posture has completely changed, it may be rounded forward or they may be rotated.

This shows me that their nervous system is blocked, our nervous system becomes blocked when it stores stress.

The Connection Between Stress & Tiredness

Stress can be either physical, chemical and/or emotional. When we are overloaded and have too much stress in our life, what happens is we can’t process it.

It’s too much for our bodies to deal with so our body starts to store it.

When our body stores these stressors as blockages in the nervous system, it means that the flow of nerves in our body to our organs and muscles becomes blocked.

Our body is NOT designed to stay blocked!

Our body is designed to heal and to digest and to reproduce and to move. That’s what our body wants to do, but when our body is busy holding us together it gets tired.

The Deeper Causes of a Chronic Lack of Energy

So, if you’re tired right now and you have a lack of energy, the question to ask yourself is why?

And to ask yourself, what’s happening in your life right now? Is your life overloaded? Have you just got so much going on in your life and as a result, does it make sense that your body is exhausted?

People aren’t tired …

Lack of sleep is one thing, but usually there’s a deeper cause and that’s what’s happening in your life every single day.

When I work with people on my retreats and they say, “That’s amazing, Carli! My life’s changed. I feel better, my pain is gone, my stress is better. I’m not tired anymore,” the first thing that I say to them is, “That’s awesome, but if you go back to your life and you continue doing what you’ve always done, it’s going to come back.

We must all start to remove the stress that caused the tiredness in the first place.

We Must Decrease Stress to Increase Energy

So, the biggest thing I do and that I help my clients with is helping them work out, what’s happening in your life?

And how can we reduce or eliminate the stress in your life?

Let’s not make your body wrong.

The fact that your body is showing tiredness and low energy, it’s telling you that it’s exhausted and it’s so busy holding onto the stress that it can’t process it all.

So, rather than making our body wrong or trying to fix that part, let’s look at the cause.

And the cause is: how much stress is there in your life?

Let’s look at trying to eliminate and reduce that and also peel back the layers of stress that your body is holding.

This will help you feel less tired and help you get your energy back. 

I know for sure once the blockages in your nervous system are released – once we allow your body to be free – then you will feel like you’ve got more energy and more life force in your body and your body will be able to heal!

Yours in health and healing,




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