I work with many people that have had abuse in their lives.

It can be emotional abuse, it can be physical abuse, or it can be sexual abuse.

And what I find when I work with these clients is, when they’re lying down on the table for Spinal Flow and I start to feel what’s going on in their system, I can feel layers and layers of blockages. Where the nerves need to come out from the nervous system to the rest of the organs, cells, and tissues, I feel a massive amount of blockage.

It’s like this abuse has been held in their system.

So, in this post, I’d like to explain how the body stores abuse in the body, and how it can be healed.  

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Freeing the Body From the Past

When I work with clients who have had past abuse, I actually start to release the blockages, layer, by layer, by layer, so that it no longer has to be in the body.

And what I do feel is that, once we start to clear it up, the body starts to get freer and freer.

It’s one of my favorite parts of the process; knowing that although I can never change the past event–I’m certainly not going to make the event right— but what I love that I can say is that the body doesn’t have to keep holding on to the past.

If we can release the blockage from the body, what happens is the body can start to be free.

Because what I know is that if there has been abuse in your life, or someone’s life that you know, the body holds that, and it holds it as a shock.

The Body in a State of Shock

Some people have been abused really quite young.  It could have been when they were a little girl, little boy, a little bit older…

And, from that moment on, the body has gone into shock and it’s basically held that shock in the system.

So, once they come to me, what happens is we find it and we see it, and we can start to move it away from the body so the body can start to be free.

And that’s my wish.

My wish is that even though we cannot change the event that happened, we can change what happens from now on.

We can change the physiology so the body no longer has to be in that state. When there’s such a massive event like that, the body goes into fight-flight. It goes into fear and it goes into protection. And generally, that’s how life is done.

A Life of Freedom & of Healing

If we actually stop that process there and we start to clear out those layers, we can have a different future.

We can have a different future where the body starts to feel good.

There’s more openness, there’s more breadth in the body. So then, there’s more freedom and healing that can come in the body.

And that’s what I absolutely love.

I love to help people feel free in their bodies, because when we feel free in the body, we can feel freer in the mind and freer in our lives.

Yours in health and healing,


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