Emotions can be trapped in our bodies and can lead to illness, pain and dis-ease.  In order to heal we must learn how to connect to our body and release any stored emotion that may be causing blockages.  Healing happens when our 7 gateways of the nervous system are connected.  In this article we will focus on a way to connect to our power gateway in the lumbar spine.

This is the area that not only our food is processed but also our emotions and other experiences.  It can be the place where we store fear, anger, anxiety, and other negative emotions.

Self – Healing – Power Gateway

1, find a quiet place and lie down on your back with your knees bent and flat on the floor

2, create a healing energy in your hands by rubbing them together until they are warm and put them on your belly

3, breathe into your belly, under your hands, your belly should expand as you inhale and retract as you exhale

4, start to listen to the wisdom of your belly, is there ease under your hands, is it easy to breathe in and out or does it feel blocked?

5, keep your hands there and focus on your breathe until you feel openness in this area and it feels easy

At first it is good to do this in a quiet area but after some practice this is a technique that can be used anywhere as a quick tool to connect you back to your body and the healing life force that is within.

I look forward to helping you develop a personal healing ritual that you do each day to facilitate healing from many types of illnesses, diseases, stress and anxiety.

Yours in health, healing and connecting to your POWER gateway.

Dr. Carli

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Carli Axford

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