Life is busy, stressful, fast-paced and complex, and it is time we learnt some tools to slow down and listen to our bodies.  We are all very busy, stressed and often sick and unwell,  Our bodies are struggling with all this overload.
Meditation is a great tool to stop, connect and allow our bodies to HEAL.

So Many Types of Meditation Practices

Meditation can take many forms. It can mean simply stopping for an inhale and exhale; going for a walk or a run, taking a swim, dancing, changing your mindset, or even just sitting calmly.
All of these approaches to meditation are beneficial; you just need to find the approach that will best suit you and your lifestyle. Find the type of practice that feels east and will make you feel successful.
Once you find your ideal meditation practice,  keep in mind that one type doesn’t fit all. What works well for you might not work well for others. I hear so many people say that their approach is the only way, but this is simply not true.  We are all different and there are so many ways that all have exactly the same outcome.

My Meditation Experience – it doesn’t need to be hard work!

Personally, I have experienced many different types of meditation. I did Vipasana and meditated for 8 hours a day sitting still on the floor, not able to move at all, and in complete silence for 10 days.

I spent one year at the Osho ashram in Pune, India, doing and teaching active meditations to 500 people in their amazing marble open-air meditation space called Buddha hall.

I have meditated with the Taoists, with imagery, stopping the mind- you name it, I have done it!

Just because something is more difficult does not mean that it equates to being better for you. You won’t feel any less stressed or any more enlightened just because something is difficult.

If you are meditating with the intention to create balance, remove stress from your body, and master your mind, emotions and thoughts, then an easy approach that you feel good about doing is what I recommend. Choose an approach that you truly enjoy.

Please don’t feel like a failure whilst meditating. It can be a positive experience. The meditation techniques that I teach in my courses and retreats are a combination of passive and active meditations that I learnt in India.

The ‘art of relaxing’ is a great meditation that you can use at work, in bed, on a bus, and just about anywhere else, and its easy.

The Art of Relaxing

This meditation helps build a loving connection within,  between your body, heart and mind.
Step 1: The Body
“Feel into the body and find where you carry tension – the neck, the head or the legs…. Relax it consciously. Go to that part of the body, and encourage it to ‘Relax!’ You can use our words, sensations, your mind and your breathe.
When you focus and give attention and energy to a part of your body, it will listens – it is your body, With closed eyes, go inside the body, from the toes to the head, searching for any place where there is a feeling of tension.
Then talk to that part of your body as you would talk to a friend; let there be a dialogue between you and your body. Tell it to relax, be soft and free!

Step 2: The Mind
“Now encourage the mind to relax, be soft, open and free of thoughts. When the body listens, the mind also listens.

Once you find it easy to relax the body, you will be able to relax the mind too.  The mind can be tricky. Become confident with relaxing the body first and letting it surrender and listen to you, the mind will listen too.

Step 3: The Heart
“When the mind is relaxed, start relaxing your heart, the world of your feelings and emotions. When it is possible with the body and possible with the mind, it is possible with the heart, too.”

Step 4: Being
“Then when you have gone through these three steps, can you take the fourth? Now you can go to the innermost core of your being, which is beyond body, mind and heart: the very centre of your existence. Relax into that space that is you, the river of pure energy, life, love, chi and that what is who we truly are.

It is so important to spend time connecting and tuning into your body, mind, heart and life essence.  This will bring you more connected to who you really are and allow your body to HEAL, CONNECT & AWAKEN.  When our hearts, minds and body becomes one as speaks the same language -life becomes easier and you are able to HEAL.
I would like to invite you to practice this meditation every day for 21 days as it will help you on your journey to HEAL yourself and live an extraordinary life!
Yours in health, healing and becoming connected with your heart, body and mind

Dr. Carli

Carli Axford

Author Carli Axford

I’m a Healer, Chiropractor, Retreat Facilitator, Meditation Instructor as well as the Founder and Trainer of the Spinal Flow Certification Program.

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