Become a Certified Spinal Flow Practitioner

The Spinal Flow Certification Program is a Powerful and Comprehensive Professional Training Where You Will Receive Everything You Need To Become A Confident and Successful Practitioner
It’s a healing journey with discovery and transformation on every level.

This immersive program, taught by Dr. Carli Axford, bridges the gap between science and metaphysical healing—transforming yourself and your healing practice from the inside out. You’ll learn to read, diagnose and alleviate stress, pain, anxiety and depression—giving others the gift of a happy life.

About Dr. Carli Axford

My name is Dr. Carli Axford and I’m a qualified chiropractor, retreat facilitator, meditation leader, breath-work specialist and mother of two who facilitates workshops, retreats and seminars around the world. I owned and operated clinics in Melbourne and in Bali and have helped thousands of people with back pain, headaches, anxiety, stress, depression and healing.

I am the only Australian to have ever been invited to practice at the Texas Back Institute, USA – the largest spine institute or hospital in the world. My colleagues and I established a system of care that succeeded in preventing 85% of the spinal surgery performed at the hospital.

For the past 20 years, I’ve developed the Spinal Flow technique, a stand alone technique that can be practiced by anyone.  In this time I have worked with clients all over the world, including the UK, United States, Asia and Australia.

I’ve also worked alongside Ian Gawler and the Gawler Institute to incorporate nutrition, meditation and holistic care for those diagnosed with chronic conditions.

Become a Confident and Powerful Healer

This is not just another certification program. It’s extremely powerful and helps people heal fast.

People are stressed. They’re anxious, depressed, and in real physical pain. It’s heartbreaking, yes, but reparable.

In my 20 years of experience in learning how to understand people’s bodies and nervous systems,  this is the only approach I know that truly heals symptoms and transforms lives. It blends Science—the nervous system, spine, and physiology, and the Spiritual—the energetic, chemical and emotional body.

On my own journey I realised that greater change occurs, not because of fixing one thing, but by addressing the combination of all of life’s stressors.

There are so many courses out there that only deliver a fraction of what you need to become a successful healer, but now more than ever, people are in desperate need of help and direction.

The Spinal Flow Healer Certification Program is the most comprehensive and intimate offering I’ve ever created.  The real beauty of this program is you will learn how to facilitate massive transformation for your clients.

If you’re feeling a little lost on your path—searching for something more and stressed in the pursuit of it—this program is for you as much as it is for your clients.

We are, all of us, subject to stress, but the way to healing, expansion and a happier life—for yourself and others—lies within you. My intention is to help you access it.

What is The Spinal Flow Healer Certification Program?

The Spinal Flow Healer Certification is a program in which you will learn the Spinal Flow Technique—the most extensive and researched healing approach available that helps people heal from stress, pain, anxiety, depression in a beautiful, gentle, and caring way.

But it’s more than a method. You’ll also learn how to build a thriving practice that supports you and become part of a community of like-minded people who are committed to inspiring each other and healing the world.

In short, you receive everything that I have ever known and done for twenty years of running successful practices and retreats and the leverage to build your own.

What is The Spinal Flow Technique?

The Spinal Flow Technique is a very specific and replicable technique based on the 7 gateways of the spine and access points which facilitate healing via the nervous system.

It has helped thousands of clients recover from chronic headaches, back pain, disc injuries, low energy, infertility, digestive complaints, stress and depression.

The Spinal Flow Technique finds, identifies and releases layers of physical, chemical and emotional tension, effecting ease in the body.

It also uncovers stored trauma that’s been in the body for a long time, causing blockages, disease and illness. This hidden trauma resides in the spine or nervous system; finding it allows the person to feel and discard it so that doesn’t continue to block them in life.

The Spinal Flow Technique facilitates a full rewiring of the brain, and your body relearns what it already knew to begin with—how to self-heal.

As a result of working through The Spinal Flow Technique, people experience a Spinal Flow healing wave where every cell of the body feels connected and free.

– Mirjam Derksen, Scholar

We have forgotten that our body can heal itself. The Spinal Flow Technique gives the tools, the knowledge and experience to heal your body.

Since I began my work with SFT I now look with different eyes to my own and other people’s bodies. I see the wisdom in our bodies, just trying to tell us what is no longer working for us.

Now, instead of getting cross because my body doesn’t function in the way I want it, or I was used to, I listen what she has to tell me.

Is it for Me?

This program is available to anyone, with or without prior experience who is looking to become a powerful practitioner and healer.

It is for healers who are metaphysically educated and want to add more science-based skills of anatomy and physiology so that you can communicate with people in a more practical and grounded way.

It is for chiropractors and health practitioners who know anatomy and physiology, but are looking to better understand how emotions and stress affect the body as well as the effects of chemicals and toxins so that you can offer your clients a more holistic healing.

It is for anyone who has the desire to heal others and be in service to the world, but hasn’t known how to begin. You don’t need any prior qualifications or experience; you only need the desire to learn.

No matter your background, you will leave knowing what your hidden talents are and how to use them.

What Others Are Saying:

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Learn more about Spinal Flow direct from Dr Carli.  Join her, and hear from a range of recent Spinal Flow graduates, on her latest webinar about the Spinal Flow Technique.

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What Will I Gain?

So much! Really, it transcends words.
But for a start: Your entire world will shift.

During this course you will:

  • Understand the nervous system, the master controller of the body—which is the key to helping people feel better and be free from symptoms.
  • Emerge as the most successful version of yourself however that looks to you.
  • Possess a complete tool set so you have no other option but to become outstanding.
  • Uncover your hidden talents and passions and know how to implement them.
  • Grasp the ‘business’ part of running a healing practice.
  • Build a profitable, transformative and sustainable business.
  • Be a trained Spinal Flow Practitioner– I have people emailing me all the time asking for referrals, you’ll be one of them!
  • May be invited to work and be paid as a healer on my retreats.
More Praise For the Spinal Flow:

What Will I Be Doing?

The Spinal Flow Healer Certification Program is comprehensive, immersive, and intense – it will transform your life.

Over this course, you will be trained online and in person on how to perform the Spinal Flow Healing Sessions.  You will also be supported with an online private Spinal Flow Healers Membership Platform.

This certification is a beautiful combination of virtual learning, self-study, and live trainings.

You will live and breathe this work, and, in the process, access healing, joy, and clarity that you’ve never before experienced.

Is Spinal Flow a recognised healing modality?

Spinal Flow is a recognised healing modality certified by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT). 

Carli too is an IICT approved training provider ready and waiting to train you.

Program Details

Some more information for you

Spinal Flow Online

The Spinal Flow Online Modules are the first step in becoming a Spinal Flow healer.

Spinal Flow Online:
This initial course will get you started, covering the basics of Spinal Flow.  This is currently offered as a self paced 52 module remote training including study materials delivered through our online learning site and also weekly live group calls with Dr Carli. You can choose to fast track your way through or take up to a year to complete the modules.

In this 52 module online training, you will experience the education, science, philosophy and art of Spinal Flow as well as starting to put your hands on people to develop your healing touch, and feel for the anatomy and palpation.  You will be fully supported online by Dr Carli Axford and her head trainers.  This program has been planned out to ensure your success.

Spinal Flow In-Person

The 10 day Spinal Flow is a massive healing program

Spinal Flow In-Person:
Our intensive 10 day training course run in Queensland, Australia in 2020.  In 2021 we will also be holding these powerful trainings in New Zealand and USA.

The 10 days:
During these 10 days you will build on the learnings of the Online course and go deeper into the art of Spinal Flow, as well as hands on training to make you an incredible healer.  Dr Carli Axford and her head trainers will be with you for these 10 days. This program has been planned out to ensure your success.

Dates & Location

  • 24th July – 2nd August 2020 – Queensland, Australia
  • 20th – 29th November 2020 – Queensland, Australia

2021 Locations

  • Queensland  – Date TBC
  • New Zealand – Date TBC
  • USA – Date TBC

Spinal Flow Certification
Membership Portal

Online Education Portal

Learn the elements essential to becoming a successful Spinal Flow Technique practitioner. The portal contains videos covering topics you need to know, with more being added all the time.

Topics include:

  • Spinal Flow Technique
  • The 7 Spinal Gateways
  • The Bodies Innate Wisdom
  • Healing
  • The Brain And Nervous System – Anatomy and Physiology
  • Palpation and Touch
  • Posture Analysis and Assessment
  • Symptoms and Disease
  • Areas of Nerve Blockages
  • Areas Of Ease and Dural Access Points
  • Spinal Flow Healing Procedure
  • Spinal Flow History, Examination, Analysis and Diagnosis
  • Creating Connection and Trust
  • Spinal Flow Healing Principles
  • Creating Intention
  • Connecting To Love/Source
  • The Spinal Flow Healing Wave
  • Business, Marketing and Being Successful


And Much More
  • 12 months access to the Spinal Flow Online Modules and the private Facebook Group – connection with me and the Spinal Flow Community to support you with Spinal Flow and creating a successful healing business in a community with other healers
  • Weekly group calls with Carli, focused on answering your questions and helping you become incredible and confident practitioners and also to create a successful business.
Align Your Work With Your Purpose – Become A Spinal Flow Practitioner.

— Dr. Jyoti Fehres,  Chiropractor

The Spinal Flow Technique has enabled my body to heal on a very profound level. It is the most effective healing method I have encountered over the past 20 years.
The reason this simple yet profound method is so effective is because it reconnects your brain to your heart. Once you start to reconnect and surrender to your body again, healing happens almost instantly and effortlessly.

Using The Spinal Flow Technique as a healing tool has greatly empowered me as a healer.

It has deepened my own healing journey in many ways. I feel more peaceful, connected to my own body and the people around me, It has enabled me to live more from my heart and passions. My headaches are completely gone and I feel more centred and grounded.

— Kendall Hayes, Founder of Iku Health Foods

I had been looking for a mentor and a course to continue my studies in holistic health and Dr Carli’s Spinal Flow Certification has exceeded my expectations. I love that this modality combines solid science with beautiful spirituality in a proven transformational program.

— Veronique Ficheux, Holistic Coach

Before The Spinal Flow Technique I was dealing with a lot of stress both personal and financial, and I was not taking care of myself well.

I had persistent migraines, not sleeping well, waking up tired every morning, and was carrying a lot of weight.

The Spinal Flow Technique allowed me to feel the energy flowing through my body, going through the blockages, appreciating everything that is going on for my body. It was a moment of peace and self love that I have been able to replicate since.

My biggest change is that I am now in touch with my body again. Physically, I have experienced a substantial improvement in the quality of my sleep. I actually wake up rested most mornings and that is a big thing for me. I have fewer migraines too, and I also have released about 25 pounds of weight, which is a good start. I still have stress, but I am managing it much better!

— Brad Axford, Massage Therapist

Before The Spinal Flow Technique I felt I was quite competent with my body and was doing all the ‘right’ things to be as healthy as I could be, but I also felt very reliant on other people, ie. Massage therapists, chiropractors, meditation gurus and the like, to get me there.

Spinal Flow taught me a new level of communication with my body— to recognise where it was blocked/locked up and also how to unlock those areas through finding the areas of more ease.

I’ve learnt that I can do more by myself….to not only listen to my body more, but to communicate with it in a whole new way and work with my body towards greater ease and flow.

— Bettina, Intuitive Healer

The Spinal Flow Technique has given me a tool to tap into who I really am. I now have an ability to instantly connect to myself, others and ultimately to all that is.

— Bettina, Intuitive Healer

We have forgotten that our body can heal itself. The Spinal Flow Technique gives the tools, the knowledge and experience to heal your body.
Since I began my work with SFT I now look with different eyes to my own and other people’s bodies. I see the wisdom in our bodies, just trying to tell us what is no longer working for us.
Now, instead of getting cross because my body doesn’t function in the way I want it, or I was used to, I listen what she has to tell me.

— Rosanna Mosca, Naturopath

I wanted to share a sacred experience I had with my 10 year old daughter the other day. After having a day of disagreements, annoyance and anger with each other—which was frustrating me not a good space for either of us—I asked if she would like me to do the spinal flow technique on her and she agreed.

I went trusting and applying what Carli has taught us so far, and it felt like a very beautiful healing experience for me too. My daughter fell asleep, and when she finally woke, she opened her eyes and with a big smile said “Thank you mum that was amazing” Then she gave me a big hug and started crying, and of course I started crying and then we were both embracing each other crying. It felt like we were meshed together.

I am not sure what the tears were about, maybe it was a release of all the hurt and anger we had towards each other just hours earlier, but it had now all disappeared and there was joy and gratitude.

It was an incredible experience and I am so looking forward to more…..thank you xx

Join The Spinal Flow Healer Certification Program To Become A Confident and Successful Healer.

— Tina Hayes, Studying to be a Healer

Although I am a very sensitive person at heart I had become disconnected and ill with generalised swelling and pain that western medicine hadn’t been able to begin to understand and offered little relief other than very strong pain meds and other medications detrimental to my organs and overall health; so I choose the holistic path.

I sought psychology as a means of understanding and while it helped to alter my mindset and therefore my overall happiness somewhat, it did not address my physical health and so my emotional state remained a struggle.

My sister saw Dr Carli Axford on Facebook and booked me into a workshop for The Spinal Flow therapy. After the seminar I decided to take the plunge and book into the 2 1/2 day retreat. I was extremely so and mentally and physically exhausted as I arrived at the retreat.

The course was life changing. The tools I gathered from the very exhaustive, yet intensely rewarding Melbourne retreat have stayed with me.

I realized that therapy was not even needed as The Spinal Flow Technique enables emotions and blockages to simply come up and be released; simultaneously…and then that block is gone with such an intense release I am at a loss to explain it.

The space provided was very safe and I felt so open to express my total vulnerability and release what came up.

I felt such an overwhelming sense of release and much more space within me that was somehow filled with such a sense of peace. I was so intrigued by all of the growth present in me after only 2.5 days that I signed up to become a certified practitioner.

Carli’s raw honesty and commitment to our healing was so very apparent that I felt I was where I belong as all other efforts that I had made in many areas of my life had never made any real changes like this had.

I can honestly say everything has changed for me. My ability to be passionate again has. To wish to engage in life despite my physical struggles. My genuine increase in interest to look after myself in every way. My overall reduction in my pain. My adjustment to my awareness of my need for boundary setting. My ability to be able to be assertive and actually know what I want from others. My increased enthusiasm for life in general and my excitement as I see myself progressively heal more each day.

I believe The Spinal Flow Technique can change anyone’s life.

As I sit here today I am pain free and sleep quite well for the first time in years. I am able to relax more often and seldom have anxiety and bouts of depression.

Much gratitude and love to you, Carli