One of the main causes for infertility and people not being able to get pregnant is when there’s a blockage in, what I call, the Power Gateway.

In this brief post, I’ll explain what the Power Gateway is and how it relates to the reproductive system and fertility.

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The Connection Between the Power Gateway & Reproduction

The Power Gateway is located in the lumbar spine, where the nerves come out to the reproductive organs.

If there’s a blockage there on the spinal level where the spinal cord and the nervous system is, it makes sense that the nerve that needs to come out to the reproductive areas could possibly be blocked.

If it’s blocked, it means it’s not supplying the reproductive organs how it needs to.

So, one of the biggest things that I do is I help women firstly find out, number one, is there a blockage in that power gateway?

Number two, what’s the cause of the blockage?

Because we’ll find that stress is one of the major causes.

The Cause of a Power Gateway Blockage

Stress can be divided into three types: it can be physical stress, chemical stress, and emotional stress.

Stress in our lives stores in the nervous system. If it’s storing in that Power Gateway, where that nerve needs to come out to the reproductive organs, it could possibly mean that there’s a blockage through there.

Once we can find that, locate it, and clear that blockage, it means the reproductive system can work how it needs to work. Your body is then free from the stress it’s holding in.

Releasing the Blockage

In our lives there’s so much stress–far too much!

All the stress that we’re not able to process is stored inside our bodies, but specifically it’s stored in our nervous system.

Imagine, if your body is full of stress, it can be hard to conceive a baby because our body is in a constant state of fight-or-flight.

So, I want to help you, firstly, find if there’s a blockage and secondly, help you release it.

But if your body’s in fight-flight because there’s so much stress in there, I want to help you shift your body out of that state of fight-flight, into a healing state.

Once your body is in a healing state, it will be ready to conceive a baby.

Let me help you begin your journey toward health!



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