Our children are walking to school each day carrying bags that are too heavy and worn incorrectly.  This is not OK!  I want to help you and your children grow healthy spines!

Incorrect backpack usage can cause stress on your child’s spine and may cause postural problems, like scoliosis.

Wearing a backpack correctly can help your child carry their books in a more balanced way.  The load then is distributed across both the shoulders and the back.  Be careful not to overfill the pack.

A backpack that is too heavy can distort the natural curves in the spine leading to scoliosis and rounding of the shoulders.

The load that our kids are taking to school is too heavy!

Their bags are filled with books, computers, their lunch and drinks, which are too heavy for their growing spines.

Encourage your child to use both straps when carrying their backpack, not just one.  This can help prevent headaches, back and shoulder pain, neck aches, and curvature issues later in life.

My kids are still small so when they need to bring a lot to school, I go with them and carry it for them.  This is not a solution for when they are older.  For middle and high school kids you could try to fill their backpacks up to a reasonable amount and they could carry their computer or a heavy book, separately in front of them.

The reason I am writing this is because I have spent so many years helping kids and adults HEAL from headaches, back pain, scoliosis that was caused from too much load in their bags or incorrect wearing of their packs, while their spines were growing.

The teenage years are when our kid’s spines are growing and are most susceptible to curvature.   Lets help them grow healthy spines.

Our health and HEALing must start when we are young.  Please take a look at how your children are carrying their bags and lets help them grow healthy spines.

The flexibility, movement and energy of our spines directly relates to the flexibility, movement and energy of our lives.

I am always available to help you grow healthy children.

Yours in health, healing and healthy spines

Dr. Carli

Carli Axford

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I’m a Healer, Chiropractor, Retreat Facilitator, Meditation Instructor as well as the Founder and Trainer of the Spinal Flow Certification Program.

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