Hi, my name is Dr. Carli Axford

I have over 20 years of experience of working with the physical, chemical and emotional causes of illness and disease. My unique approach has helped thousands of clients with headaches, back pain, disc injuries, low energy, infertility, digestive issues, stress, anxiety and depression. If you suffer from any of these or additional symptoms, I’d love to help you heal.

I am the founder of the Spinal Flow Technique,  a Healer, Chiropractor, Retreat Facilitator, Meditation Instructor as well as the creator of Spinal Flow Technique and train people to become certified Spinal Flow Healers and Coaches.


Spinal Flow Weekend

SHIFT from the STRESS zone to the healing zone

Spinal Flow Retreat

RELEASE the layers of blockages in your body

Spinal Flow Workshop

DISCOVER what is happening in your body and the 3 steps to heal

Spinal Flow Healing School

CONNECT the dots about your life, your body and your past stress to HEAL

Spinal Flow Certification

LEARN to be a healer and help others

Coaching with Dr Carli

Fully Booked, Applications for Waitlist Only. Private Healing and/or Business Coaching with Dr Carli Axford

— Tyler Tolman, Natural Health Leader

Carli is one of the most amazing healers on my programs, her ability to heal is phenomenal and what she does with people is genius.  Every time she has worked with me –  I have profound healing.  She is a profound elven healer.  I recommend checking her out, and attending one of her retreats. Love you Carli

Workshops Around The World

From Over 20 Years of Experience, The Spinal Flow Workshops Will Give You Amazing New Insights About How to Support Your Own Innate Healing and Ultimately How You Can Start To Take Control of Your Own Health!


Join me at a spinal flow workshop so you can start to heal your body now


January 18, 2020

Is Your Pain Because of One of These 6 Common Physical Stress Culprits?

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How Childbirth Can Often Stress a Mother’s and Baby’s Body

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How This Popular Sleeping Position is Restricting Our Body’s Healing Ability

One of the most favored sleeping postures – sleeping on the stomach – is also one of most harmful. On average, we humans sleep six to eight hours each night…

— Tina Hayes, Studying to be a Healer

Carli’s retreat was life changing. Her raw honesty and commitment to our healing was so very apparent.  I believe The Spinal Flow Technique can change anyone’s life.

I am pain free and sleep quite well for the first time in years. I am able to relax more often and feel seldom have anxiety and bouts of depression.